Welcome to Bentley Brown & Co

Since being established in 2006, Bentley Brown & Co have had the pleasure of helping many people resurrect their interest and knowledge in Pensions and Investments. By working closely with our clients, we successfully bolster their financial performance to often unbelievable levels which helps provide us with great personal satisfaction and very happy clients to the point we constantly are on the go with new recommendations as the word gets around about our successes.

We pride ourselves in closely monitoring pension and investment funds and recommending timely fund-switching to maximise performance. We are presently managing funds under management in excess of £12,000,000 - February 2014.

With clients aged from 8 to 85 we cover from Alnwick to Redcar and Barnard Castle and Bishop Auckland, yet have several high net worth clients in London and Glasgow who still request our specialised services in keeping matters simple.

We have helped many obtain great rate mortgages and even helped the aged releasing equity from their property when needed. Commercial, Buy to Lets and difficult mortgages always seem to flow our way and always keep us very busy!

If you need help reducing tax liability or simply improving the performance of your pension and reviewing the significant changes to pensions since the budget in March 2014.

We have many high rate tax payers who are already taking advantage of the pension contribution tax relief.

Speak to one of our advisers who would gladly help and guide you best.

Philip Brown
Managing Director